Reaching the Next (SERMON)

I had the opportunity to preach at my home church, LifeSpring Church, a couple weeks ago to cast the vision for our church planting efforts in Vermillion. It was incredible—it honestly felt like coming home to family. This church has poured so much into me. I literally attended the church since I was in the womb. So much of who I am today as a person, and pastor, is because of LifeSpring’s ministry on my life.

My own personal experience with LifeSpring is a testament to one of the main points of my sermon: Every young person needs a church who believes in them. Since we’re planting in a college town, the mission to reach the next generation as a formative presence in their lives takes up much of our purview.

Here is the video to my sermon, as it it provides a glimpse at the vision and mission of reaching Vermillion. The sermon starts at 37:15. Enjoy!

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