Sibling Rivalry, Churches, & Pie (Sermon)

I had the privilege to preach for the first time at The Ransom Church where I pastor last week. We were wrapping up the last week of our series entitled, Why Christians Are Annoying, where we tackle many of the reasons people in our culture are “annoyed” with Christians. I got to wrap up the series, tackling how Christians are annoying because they can’t get along.

The whole thrust of the sermon is to tackle divisions and pursue unity. What many aren’t aware of, though, is that the bulk of the sermon’s content came from my research for the BFFs Church and theologies of community deriving from New Testament culture. An example of this is how brothers and sisters were the greatest metaphor for Christ-followers in the early church, because the closest bond you could’ve had with anyone in that culture was a relationship between siblings. The implications for us today, then, can articulate exactly how deep our spiritual friendships within the church can go when we rediscover the early Church’s perspective of community.

So, to dive into this, here is the sermon:

To check out content related to what’s covered in this sermon, check out THIS BLOG on individualism and collectivism and THIS BLOG on community’s role in salvation.

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